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SBP Snapshot: June - Week 1: Graduation is in Full Swing

Happy Summer! Well almost summer; but because we are starting to come out of our dwellings, it seems like summer is here. Which is why I wanted to post SBP updates here since things have been quite at the studio the last three months.


I have really enjoyed having all the boys home all the time. Having movie nights, family dinners each night, street football games, brings back memories when we were all together all the time when they were little. This time was definitely a gift as they are all so busy with their lives and friends, we don't get much family time. HOWEVER, it wasn't all super sweet as you all know. I was floored at how much food we have been going thru. I feel like I am feeding a family of 24 instead of 8 because I have spent three times the amount I usually do on food! Also working from home with the kids home all the time was hard as I felt like I could never get a stretch of time to focus. There have been a lot of funny memes going around describing the challenge. This meme perfectly describes how I felt....

That being said, I am beyond EXCITED to officially open the studio back up and am scheduling indoor and outdoor sessions. I am taking the safety of my clients very seriously and will continue to move forward with the suggested safety measures to keep us all healthy.

To book a session, please click on this link:


This past week's sessions have been focused on capturing seniors and little ones in their cap and gowns as most of them aren't getting the opportunity to walk the stage in their cap and gown to receive their diploma.

Class of 2021 its now your turn to focus on your Senior Portraits. If you would like to schedule a senior session, please click here:

Mini Portrait Sessions have been scheduled out for this year. Fall Minis usually book up the fastest so even though summer is just beginning, book that Fall Session so you are guaranteed a spot. Here is the the link to sign up for the Fall 2020 Mini Sessions:


Thats all for now! Hope everyone has a great week!! xoxo, Sarah

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