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  • How long does the session take?  The studio session is usually an hour and the studio/location session is usually 1.5 to 2 hr depending on how far we go and how many outfits.


  • How many outfit changes can I bring? There is not a limit.  However, the average number of outfit changes is three to four.  Feel free to bring more if you would like me to help you decide what will look best with the background/locations we use.


  • What downpayment do you need?  A retainer fee is due when booking your session date.


  • Do I have to decide on package prior to session?  No, after you review your proofs, you can then decide on the package you want.  Also, you are not required to order a package.  They are a cost savings, but you can order individual portraits to obtain just what you need.


  • How long does it take before we get to see the proofs?  On the day of your session we will schedule a date and time for you to return to the studio for an ordering session approximately two to three weeks later.  You can always check in via email or text to get an update at any time.  I also love to give you a "sneak peak" image via facebook.  Please let me know at your session if you are interested in receiving an image for your social media accounts.



  • After we place the order, how long will it take to receive the portraits? Approximately three weeks.  On the day of your ordering session we will schedule a date and time fore you to pick up the portraits or make arrangments to have them shipped to you.   If you order frames, canvases, or any specialty items, they do take longer.  You will have the option to pick up the portraits first and then the remaining order when it comes in.


  • Do you submit the yearbook picture to my highschool?  Yes.  You will select which image you would like to have in the yearbook, and I will take care of the submission to your yearbook committee.

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