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When to Book Your Newborn Session

Newborn Portraits

When it comes to booking your session, there are a lot of questions about how the process works. Since your precious little bundle of joy t isn’t here yet, it’s hard to figure out a schedule. Here is what I suggest: Send me an email during the beginning of your second or third trimester to set a date for the newborn session. I pencil in a date approximately 7 days after your due date. I photograph newborns during the weekdays and in the morning. Don't worry if you delivery date changes, we can adjust our session date. Having the date penciled in allows me to keep my schedule flexible and make sure I don't overbook newborns for that month. Once we decide on the date a deposit of 50% of the session fee or the package you selected will be required to hold the date. The remaining amount will be due the day of the session. After the baby is born, give me a call or shoot me a text message to confirm the newborn session date or adjust if needed.

If you are ready to schedule your newborn session now, please click this link. . .

If you are stumbling about this article and you already had your baby, don't worry! Chances are I still will be able to get your in. Ideally I like to photograph the newborn between day 5 - 12; however the newborn stage is typically considered to be within the first three weeks. Please send me a message at or text me at 262-515-1799 and we will try to work a date out.

Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy and try to enjoy every moment!



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